My Year of Corona and Not A Ventilator In Sight - ONLINE EDITION

The lockdown brought with it a completely different reality. I think we all found new ways to live with the confusion and unrelatable existence. Yet throughout the confusion there seemed to be a shared bemusement. When did it become normal to question whether weeding was illegal and how did finding an open toilet feel like you’d won the lottery?

I welcome you to join me on my journey through a very different sort of year. Through poems and monologues I will show how my life took another course and how I made sense of the world I found myself in! I would like to thank some fabulous actors who worked hard to bring this work to life: Helen Tunnicliff, Anastasia Ampatzoglou, Gemma Hunt, Erin Wilgrove, Mary Kingsnorth and Sally Davis. I felt it was important to use other faces as well as my own as I wanted to give the suggestion of a shared experience. Also I want to give an extra huge thank you to the fabulous Anastasia (2b Acting) who spent hours of her own time editing my work. It will be screened at 7.30 on Wednesday 7th July at ‘The Underground’ followed by a Q and A after the screening. It would be great to hear your thoughts! Tickets will also be available on the website for the duration of the festival.

Stay Safe

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Date: Tuesday 27th July 2021
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