A Weavers Thread - Livestream


A stage; a loom; three actors. Using storytelling, music and choreographed movement, A Weaver’s Thread tells the tale of Kitty, an 18th-century cottage weaver living in the hills of West Yorkshire. Kitty endures the rise of industrialisation and loses her lover to the Luddite rebellion. Diary extracts and local folk tales add to a sense of history and remind us of the hardships of poverty mixed with the simple love of crafting.

The actors represent Kitty’s youth, middle age and older self, each contributing strands of the story and weaving them together to depict the fabric of Kitty’s life - a life poor in material things yet rich in imagination.

Lyrically and visually powerful, A Weaver’s Thread invites you to step back in time, into the world of the home-weaver, into Yorkshire’s past.

Written by award-winning playwright Sam Chittenden (Clean; Sary; Metamorphosis) Directed by Katie Turner Halliday (Visions of Bradford; Twelve Ghosts; The Possibilities)

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Date: Thursday 8th July 2021
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