Tvins - UK Premiere

It is 1938, Europe is in Chaos, the Nazi threat is everywhere and two Jewish Boys, Hans and Fritz arrive in Bradford to make new lives. They are twins, they are both boxers and they have fled Germany to start again in Bradford, the Wool Capital of the World.

They are making new lives, when suddenly in 1940 Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces ‘Collar the Lot’ and along with tens of thousands of other German Jewish refugees and Nazi sympathisers the brothers are interned. Some refugees spent time on the Isle of Man, but the Toczek brothers were sent to Canada on an internment ship alongside hardline Nazis.

The Toczeks survived in Canada in huts and the freezing winters before returning to Bradford.

The film TVINS tells the story of the two brothers who arrived in Bradford as Fritz and Hans and returned from Canada as Fred and John. How they moved into Bradford life, got married and raised children. The story will be told through the eyes of their children. are proudly hosting this UK premiere online and tickets are free of charge. The film showing will be followed by a Q&A session live from our studios in Bradford city centre

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Date: Sunday 11th April 2021
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