New Model Army Global Gathering: 40th Anniversary Livestream

On 23rd October 1980 New Model Army played their first gig; it has been a wonderful, long, creative and eventful forty-year journey!

We had planned a lot of things to mark our 40th birthday, most of which have necessarily been postponed into next year, but by way of celebration we did a one-off concert on the 24th October 2020, which was performed live and broadcast online simultaneously around the world – a shared experience for everyone who has ever loved the band.

The concert was a high-quality, pay-to-view, two-hour (plus) event filmed with multi-cameras, graphics and artwork - with the band playing a wide range of material spanning the 40 years.

Ticket information

Date: Saturday 24th October 2020
This event has already happened, you are purchasing access to watch the recorded stream.

Price: £10

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