Do you love puppets, live music, tales from far away places, being transported through time and space then Khooghi is the play for you. Find out how a dove can live for 153 years? First brought to life by the hands of a Sufi Saint Mian Muhammed Baksh, using a bamboo pen, ink and parchment. It survived the British Empire and the Partition of India and Pakistan. From the rural natural beauty of Azad Kashmir, Khari Sharif, Khooghi flew to Village in Gujrat, making her home in the mouth of a 12 year old boy called Alam Lohar. He carried Khooghi in his mouth all around Pakistan playing his Chimta (a metal instrument). Khooghi loved to travel on the colourful buses of Pakistan. Soon everybody recognised Khooghi she was a celebrity! Then Alam Lohar died in a tragic accident in 1979 ! She needed to find a new home she decided to travel to Britain it was to far for her to fly so she hid amongst the cassettes and vinyls carried by the many young men who travelled from Azad Kashmir to work in the Mills in Bradford. She thought she had found a new home! But no one in England could understand what she was saying not only that she was now the target of a hunter and a hawk! Will she survive or does her journey end here or will she escape to meet new people and visit new place?

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Date: Wednesday 28th July 2021
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