In Plain Sight: The Story of Gwen Lally

“You are a pageant in yourself”. George Bernard Shaw thought he knew Gwen Lally, queer theatre director of the 1920s and 1930s, but did he really? Did anybody really know Gwen? Was she hiding in plain sight?

Join Heifer Productions and Different Theatre as we delve into Gwen’s world - exploring her relationships and struggles, and meeting some of the people she might have turned to for advice in her journey to becoming one of the UK’s most prolific pageant masters.

In Plain Sight is a new short film, created during lockdown, which is being premiered at this year’s FemFest. In honouring Gwen it also celebrates drag, which was her preferred way of appearing in public and on stage.

Written by Sam Chittenden, directed by Katie Turner-Halliday and featuring Lucy Ellinson as Gwen, with Sharon Drain, Rosin Monaghan and Aurea Williamson.

Part of Bradford's International Women's Day celebrations and kindly supported by Bradford Council.

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Date: Saturday 13th March 2021
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