Eliott Simpson: (A)sexy and I Know It

Delius Arts & Cultural Centre

(A)sexy and I Know It” is a solo stand-up comedy show about Asexuality and the bizarre and challenging life of an asexual man trying to survive in a sex-obsessed world. Based on my own experiences as an asexual man, the show centers around the often absurd and sometimes tragic stories of living life without the want for sex and the societal and romantic complications that it involves. With explorations of gender, stakes, queerness and cakes, this show explores every funny facet of this little known corner of the sexual spectrum.

The show discusses the numerous exchanges one can expect when being completely uninterested in sex; from being asked to tell a ‘dirty secret’ and responding with “Tony Blair’s a war criminal”, to thinking that a bedroom fantasy is just getting 8 hours sleep. I only watch porn to admire the wallpaper, I only iron my sheets because I’m not into kinks and I like my partners like my tea; warm, sweet and nowhere near my trousers. The show humorously explores being outcast from both general society and LGBT circles and also touches onto the darker and more serious challenges of having partners attempting to “fix” that which is not broken.

Ultimately this is the first ever hour stand-up comedy show about Asexuality and aims to educate audiences about the asexual spectrum through accessible and often absurd humour.

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Date: Sunday 25th July 2021
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