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Only 14% of ethnic minorities take up full-time creative job roles in the UK. Additionally, black women are statistically shown to face a harder path to higher job positions and therefore has even less opportunity to grow. These disheartening creative industry statistics along with personal experience troubled co-founders Zoe and Olivia as they often found themselves questioning “What are we getting ourselves into?”

As recent graduates, they wanted to see more diversity, representation and opportunities for fellow black female creatives as they felt like there was nothing out there that was supportive to them and their concerns. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry was hard enough without questioning diversity and race.

Hence the creation of ARISE a community platform for black female creatives which aims to bridge the diversity gap and raise the voices of underrepresented black women who are lost in the sea of non-representative creative companies. ARISE challenges unequal industry norms by creating a community platform of black female creatives and helping educate others on being better allies to minorities.

Join them as they open up conversations around intersectionality, imposter syndrome and black creative ecosystems that are often swept under the rug and show the importance of creating safe spaces for black female creatives to flourish and thrive.

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Date: Friday 30th July 2021
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