Apache Hifi with special guests Inspirational Sound

The Mill

Apache hi fi formed in 2009 bring the best in roots, dub, reggae and steppas with their heavyweight sound. Featuring veteran sound MCs Danejah and Rockers Roadshow.

This time as a special guest we have bradfords own Inspirational sound featuring Dee Bo General, Ricjie Ranks and Dan-I.

Inspirational Sound is a reggae and dub selector and producer from Bradford UK. Recording and mixing their own dubs since 1999 they have performed across the UK and Europe. In recent years they have released their music on their own Inspirational Sound label featuring artists including Murray Man, El Fata, Bongo Chilli, Bunnington Judah, Hornsman Coyote, Stephanie and more.

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Date: Saturday 11th June 2022
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Price: £6

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