SATORI 2 - Psytrance

What better way to celebrate Bruno Vibetech's 42nd BIRTHDAY than the 2nd edition of Satori. Fantastic top quality hand picked acts from across the country, with brand new custom made Satori decor and a huge line up from ‘The Beats Bizarre’ crew!

Our first event was a serious milestone for us. Although it was a success and criticism was hard to come by, there’s been a lot of hard work made to implement slight, but impactful changes needed for a greater experience. Trying to push the boundaries in all 4 corners.

We have continued the collaboration with ‘The Beats Bizarre’ team Steve and Lou! Giving these guys full control of the basement level of the club. They have not disappointed. The line up is juicy! Expect a beautiful, alternative, psychedelic, experience featuring psytech, psydub, mid tempo and chill out. Teas, coffees and treats will also be available in the basement room, with plenty of space to dance as well as the unique and comfy seating area!

Tickets: £15 + Booking fees

Line up Main room

DIRTY SAFFI (Bom Shanka Music)

NEUTRON (Maharetta Records)

VIBETECH B2B LYSINERGY (Satori /AudioAddictz)

IAGO B2B R4DIUM (Satori)

PSILOCEN JOE (Shanti/Spirals)

ONE MILLION ANTS (Technicolour sounds)

Line up The Beats Bizarre

TEA TREE LIVE (Mindspring Music)



ELECTRICK BLUE (The Beats Bizarre)

MAGICLANTERN (The Beats Bizarre)

RU1 (The D1srupt1ion A3gents)

Ticket information

Date: Saturday 25th February 2023
Doors Open: 22:00:00
Start Time: 22:00:00
Price: £15

All tickets paid for using debit/creditcard or PayPal are subject to booking fee.

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